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Not inviting Arvind Kejriwal to the inauguration of the Magenta line on December 25, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders were invited, along with the AAP government’s spat with the Delhi Lt Governor, has been the party’s basis for seeking donations, in the past two days.

The party’s outreach team has sent out an email to its donors, seeking donations — a minimum of Rs 100 to express outrage over the CM Kejriwal’s non-invitation for the Metro event, in spite of the Delhi government being an equal partner in the DMRC.

In the email, the party asked volunteers to “unite and convert every ounce of it into a powerful force” through a minimum donation of Rs 100. “Ever since we found that the Delhi CM was not invited for the inauguration of Magenta Line of the Metro, we got emails, tweets, posts pouring outrage…. Let’s convert every ounce of outrage into a powerful force…. created by our collective donations,” read the email. A party official said over 700 volunteers made donations on Wednesday after the email.

The email sought donations with regard to the doorstep delivery scheme, asked, “Why should L-G block a bill as simple as doorstep delivery to citizens.”

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